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Ancient Aliens Drinking Game: S1E9 The Undead

Hey Hey y'alllllllll. I spoke to a number of you on twitter about an Ancient Aliens Drinking Game!!! You were interested, so here it is!

I picked an episode from season 1 (though this link says S3, I have tested and regardless of the label, it seems to be the same!!) that covers Ancient Aliens AND ALL THE OTHER THINGS I LOVE, like Vampires and Zombies and basically all the things I am afraid of- ANCIENT ALIENS AND THE UNDEAD.


If you have Netflix, it is Season 1, Episode 9! The Drinking game rules are AS FOLLOWS

Drink When

  • The Ancient Aliens "Whine" sound happens. It's that sound at the beginning of every episode and is used sporadically through the show after.
  • Drink any time the music is terrifying!!!
  • Giorgio Tsoukalos says extraterrestrials like 'extatehrestrials'. Seriously y'all he says it so weirdly.
  • An expert or interviewee doesn't speak English, and a translator is used.
  • Each time you hear the word Inca, Maya or Aztec. Finish drink if you hear all three.
  • Drink if any of the following places are mentioned: Mexico, Japan, Siberia.
  • Finish your drink if Unidentified Submerged Aircraft are mentioned.
  • Drink if gold is discussed for any reason.
  • If the Mahabharata is mentioned, say the word Mahabharata out loud. If you can't, drink. If you can, you get a free pass for the next drink trigger. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY AN HONOR SYSTEM QUESTION.
  • Chug if a piece of judeo-christian-Muslim art is on screen. This includes illuminated texts, bible passages, etc.
  • Drink an entire drink if, at the end of the episode, all six inhabited continents are mentioned: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia. If Antarctica is mentioned, drink a second, full drink.

The TWITTER HASHTAG for this AA Drinking game will be #AADGUD - Ancient Aliens Drinking Game: UnDead! I am using twitter as the place to chat as not everyone who expressed interest is a Kinja Kid. If you ARE a Kinja Kid, feel free to use this post to make comments :)) If you wanna make a burner for tonight- DO IT!!!

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